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Strategy is at the heart of our creative process to achieve impactful content.

Starting with a content workshop, we identify a clear content vision that will serve brand equity and create measurable business results. We believe that strategy needs to be agile and capable of adopting
to everchanging dynamics of Google, YouTube and other social media platforms.

Based on the core strategy, our creative team develops unique content ideas for YouTube as well as social media integrations. Originality is not always key for success on YouTube, brands can easily stand out by adopting already trending content formats. So our creative team spend a good portion of their time watching YouTube videos which we support very much. : )

Creative production is as vital as the creative idea itself. We believe that production should be affordable for brands to be constant content providers. We serve full package production services (set design, shooting, post production) inhouse without creating extra costs.

Great content does not mean that anyone will see it! YouTube is a search engine! So strategic content help brands to be discoverable through search. We create content that the audience is searching for. We optimize your content on a regular basis for your brand to dominate search ranks. Your brand can be the leader of search even if you have the smallest share of voice on conventional media.

Collaborating with influencers or professionals is a great way to increase your brand’s reach, engagement and credibility. However one shot projects, product placements or influencer driven content do not create long term success. We help brands connect with influencers or professionals and manage the process so the content will be on equity and serve brand KPIs.

We believe that social media management should be content driven. So we dedicate at least one day for production (Photography and video) for our social media clients included in their monthly fee, without any extra charge.

As content is no more a nice to have component of marketing efforts, it needs to bring measurable business results. We make sure that your content is linked with the right tools to generate lead, sales or trial.


We have been lucky enough to work with Loggers & Partners to deliver some of the most successful YouTube projects in the market for our clients. Whether it’s strategy or production, they are the go-to address for continuous branded video content.

Gökhan Kavasoğlu

Youth Republic President

It is a pleasure to work with this fun and creative team who understands and values our brand's needs. I believe we will achieve many goals with their innovative and creative approach.

Aslıhan Aygüney

connected2.me Marketing Manager

Besides the great works we created with Loggers & Partners, we also established a mutual trust environment. I'm glad to work with such hardworking people with creative minds.

Melike Murat

Modanisa Social Media Team Leader

I would like to thank a lot to Loggers&Partners for the remarkable work they did on the communication of our products. Their detail oriented approach, creativity and talent made it pleasurable to work with them on our projects. They easily captured the brief and the communication target of our projects. In a very short notice, they came with smart idea and eventually converted it to fun and informative videos that are also very easy-to-watch until the last second. I highly value the high caliber of the work that Loggers&Partners delivers that exceeds expectations, and I will recommend their service without any hesitation. I am looking forward to our ongoing working relationship and wish them all the best in all of their future projects.

Didem Aydın

UNO Group Marketing Director

We brought insights to life and created successful digital content series with Loggers & Partners team. We have accomplished very successful projects together in a very short time. It was a great journey for us to think & act together and brought life to our ideas.

Naz Özerden İncili

n11.com Brand Marketing Supervisor

party tube



Live stream is the fastest growing trend in e-commerce in Far Eastern markets and America. n11 partnered with Loggers&Partners to launch it's live stream sales tool making it the first brand in Turkey to adopt this trend. We're now regularly broadcasting live stream sales events with n11 and it's distinguished brand partners like L'Oréal, Samsung, Xiaomi, etc..


A video content platform for the world's leading modest wear e-commerce brand! We inspire modest youth globally, with content on style, beauty, travel, DIY and lifestyle, not only in Turkish but also in English and Arabic languages. We prove that authentic video content is also a powerful tool to convert the audience into shoppers.

Party Tube

Party time on Youtube! On PartyTube, there are cocktails. There are snacks. There are plenty of party ideas. There are guest Youtubers and incredible challenges. They have TV series / movie cocktails. There are party games. It's what makes party on PartyTube! Only you are missing! How nice will be if you join us! Subscribe to PartyTube, share the party vibes!

Para Mevzuları

In a country where a lot of people find it very difficult to save money, ING, with Money Matters YouTube channel, inspired and educated its audience on how to save through video content. With over 100 videos, Para Mevzuları (Money Matters) brought ideas on how to save money in every occasion like making your own furniture, traveling smart, throwing feasts on a budget or even organizing wedding on your own.


World's first YouTube channel owned by a municipality! İzmir Büyükşehir Belediyesi was having a hard time connecting with its young audience through conventional media. Even if the municipality was taking every action to make İzmir a delightful city to live in, they were not able to create meaningful stories of their actions. IzmirTube, creates authentic content with local youth on what to do, see or love about İzmir.


YouTube is not the only great engine to reach younger audience. Ünlü&Co with its YouTube channel provided a news hub for its investor network by transforming weekly research reports and sector analysis into video content series.


Affordable content for new product launches! Spreading the content through all channels UNO managed to focus its product launch efforts on media rather than production.


A company believes dearly on social responsibility. We created content which tells stories rather than capturing moments in events.

Elif'le Kolay Mutfak

Follow the very easy recipes of young and sympathetic chef Elif Şanlı and become the chef of your own kitchen!


One of the most successful start ups of recent years, anonymous chat app Connected2Me, had hard time to connect with its audience on a budget. Serving regular content on their YouTube channel and generating mass reach through in app push notifications, Connected2Me enjoyed the perks of owning a content platform with minimum media spend.


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